Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on the renewing of your mind post

My husband left for work that Thursday morning unsure of how to handle the situation but was praying. 
The man who did the wrong had agreed to mail a check to make things right.  That was weeks before and no check.  My husband called him again and he again said he would send a check.  Another week + went by...no check.  Then the Thursday morning with all the worldly ways and thoughts of how to handle this situation came to our minds and discussion...then the Corrie ten Boom story...and then praying and thinking.  My husband called home before lunch.  He needed to tell me an unusual happening....he got a phone call....out of the blue.  It was from the man who was to send the check.  The man apologized that so much time had lapsed and met with my husband along with the cash on Friday.  We did nothing but pray and wait.  Our daughter came over for supper and car repairs last night and we were able to give her the money.  


  1. That is an awesome testimony to obedience.

  2. Great!

    Neat how God worked it out.