Saturday, July 16, 2011

Looking beyond the Negative

It seems that lately I’ve been hearing about moms taking a lot of “heat” for having large families.  I’ve been there and my dismay isn’t with the people giving the heat.  When you do something different you can expect that reaction especially from the world.  My dismay is from the reaction of the moms. 
I realize there are people out there with an anti-family agenda but our reaction should never be anger but a testimony to our God.  Loads of people believe one of our nation’s biggest needs is revamping our public education system.  Many people know we have a problem with our young people …they are just mistaken as to what the answer is…they need Jesus.
Sometimes people say negative things like, “We could never afford to have children.”  “How do you survive?”  Our response should always point them to Jesus…, the Lord has always provided for us, we have always had more than enough.  If you are obedient to Him, He will supply all your needs. 
Sometimes other moms say negative things because they are going through a really rough time.  They can feel desperate and overwhelmed.  Negative remarks and comments are often a sign of pain and hurt.  If our response is a quick tart remark, the chance that they will want to follow our Jesus is not so likely.  Showing them love and understanding may not be the first thing on the tip of your tongue but it should be.  Turn their negative remarks and attitudes into an opportunity to minister and lead them to the Lord. (Reread The Hiding Place if you need too.)
As Christians, we should all try to be encouragers.  The next time a mom says “…wait til you have teenagers.” Maybe say something like, “I’ll remember to pray for you this week.  How are things going?”
Or try to make her smile by pointing out an older sister in the Lord and saying, “Look at Ruth, she raised more kids than both of us put together.  Her husband looks happy.  She still has all her hair and can speak in complete sentences.  If she can do it, we all can.” 
Sometimes seeing through the negative remarks and looking at the person within, the person Jesus loves and died for, can change a situation, an attitude or maybe even a life….the simplest response can open a flood gate and allow us to speak love and encouragement into the heart of a mom who needs it.

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  1. Great post, filled with truth and wisdom. I don't have a lot of children, but I get negative comments about other things, especially in regard to our homeschooling. The last time someone was so negative, it did make me angry and although I answered politely, I am sure there was some bad attitude in it. Thanks for this wonderful reminder.