Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Homeschooled Kids Out in the World

We've homeschooled all of our children.  You hear the stories of how homeschoolers are unsocialized and will be unable to function in the real world.  You worry...cause that's what moms do.  But you know the Lord and His leading and you follow Him.  So you continue to homeschool.  My children were like those little seeds you start on your window sill.  You protect them and nurture them; giving them just enough sun and water and they thrive.

Well let's kids were able to get into college, dean's list, and graduated.  They were able to get jobs.  Yes, employers like their work ethic and integrity. can't even tell they were homeschooled or can you?!? 

They are able to relate to co-workers older and younger because they were never just in a class room setting with only peers their own age and so they relate well to all ages. 

They are like the seedlings that need to be "hardened off" before placing in the garden.  You take them outside in a sheltered area to get them accustomed to the temperature changes.  You need to give them extra water until their root system is established.

The older kids are in work and college environments where they come in contact with non-believers.  Some of those are in authority positions, some are fellow peers, some are customers that are always right.  But my children have been trained and "hardened off".  They weren't isolated in a green house all this time.  We discussed hard issues.  We discussed the reasons of why we do and believe certain things.  We don't give the answer "just because".   We give them Bible verses, encouragement, examples and resources.

Some of the new plants in the garden don't make it to the stage of producing fruit.  They wither, are eaten by rabbits, or are overcome by weeds.  I can't tell which ones this will happen to before I set them out.  But I can tell you what happens to the ones that make it.  They produce fruit....Abundantly.  Not of their own accord, strength or wisdom but because they are obedient to the Master's directions. 

I had a conversation with one of my kids last night that went like this:
"Does anyone know you are a Christian at work?" 
"Oh, yeah."
"There aren't many Christians there."
"How do you know?"
"I ask."
"You ask? Do they stay away from you after that?"
"Mom, I don't go around and take a survey.  I get to know them.  They are my friends.  I eat lunch with them.  I care about them.  You taught me to love them.  Then I ask.  It's only natural.  In fact, there was a college intern the other day, that had so many questions about God and Christianity.  I wish I would have had a Bible to give her."
"I'll give you one to carry in your truck. Pray for God to give the opportunity.  Don't do it without Him on your own.  There will be no fruit.  Wait patiently for His timing."
"How will I know?"
"Pray and be prepared.  You will be surprised."

As a parent I watch for signs of wilting and neglect....and at the direction of my Lord will jump in (holding back is harder, trust me).  The reasons they obey and believe God, will have to become their own not their father's and mine.  That can take some time and sometimes some wilting, unconditional love, and lots of forgiveness.

I still trust in the same Lord that directed us to homeschool. He is still involved in our children's lives.  I see Him working there.....when He's not busy working and transforming me.


  1. Great post is so good to see our kids growing and thriving!


  2. I am thrilled to see you showing your children what is is the world, preparing them and then giving them wings to fly!

    But my children have been trained and "hardened off". They weren't isolated in a green house all this time.

    I HS briefly then sent to public school. But have had the same conversations and encouragement to my children! So I think families following Jesus can help guide their children out from the nest!! To follow Jesus and to share and come into community with others around them!

    Great job Belinda!

  3. What a great post. It's very encouraging as my oldest child is beginning to approach that time of his life. I pray that he continues to follow the Lord. I pray this for all of my children. Thanks for the encouragement.