Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Ice Cream York Side

One Sunday evening, we got bored with the same old routine by ourselves.  So we decided to travel to York to meet up with my younger sister and her boys.  She looks like me, huh?!?

my sister

We also met up with our daughter Becca.


This always involves food and quite naturally ice cream, coming from generations of ice cream makers.  We visited the competition.  There's a little ice cream drive-in all by itself in the middle of the countryside.

Dad getting the latest news from the newspaper reporter.

The view is breath taking, well worth the drive. 

My father grew up not far from this place. 

The cousins got bored.

My other two girls took photos of the surroundings.
Like this sunset....beautiful.
Maybe we should move to York. hmmmmm....


  1. What!!!! Move to York?!!!!

    This post made me think of our trek to York last year to visit that used curriculum store. It was soooo hot! But our stop for ice cream was great! That was an in the family place if I recall!

    Your sister does look like you - more than I remembered! Good to see Becca!

    Hope you are well - we got back on the 4th with our pony and were so tired. Tim said "I am happy to do fireworks, but I don't want a huge thing." Sorry Jared had to miss Grandpa's fireworks. Maybe next year!


  2. As if we didn't have beautiful vistas here in Lancaster County! Hey, Come on down to the Southern End....I'll show you pretty.

    That looks like the place on 74 that we used to visit as we went back and forth to Warren's parent's. Not too far from the Brown Cow?

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I miss the countryside there!