Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Noodle Head

This is a silly post but for those of us who have been "blessed" with curly hair it may be of interest.

For most of my life, I have fought my naturally curly hair.  My father has it and one of my sisters has it.  In junior high, I had my waist length hair cut to 2 inches, an instant blond Afro.  Not my best hair move...  It took years to grow out.

All through high school I straightened my hair sometimes chemically, sometimes with just a heat straightener.  The outcome was always frizzy....its just the nature of curly hair.

About 8 years ago, I decided enough was enough and I chose to go with my natural curl.  I started to experiment with creams and serums to tame the frizzies. Months ago, my long time favorite curly hair serum was discontinued.  I tried several brands and none worked.

So I went the other way...I tried several products that reduce the frizzies and make your hair straight.  Whoa! Those products have come a long way.  I was able to have straight hair!  UNTIL the summer humidity set in.  Gone is the straight hair no matter how much serum I applied.

So back to the experimenting....I found a new curly hair cream.  I'm sure there are several people that would agree that the name suits me, Noodle Head.  The only place I could find it is Sally's Beauty Supply. It's a great product and when I go curly I spend 2 minutes doing my hair!  That's about all the morning time I get in the bathroom.  I actually think anyone with just a little curl in their hair could make their hair really curly with this product.


  1. Your hair is so pretty, straight or curly. Glad you found Noodle Head. Great name.....well, not really...but if it works, that is cool.

  2. I love your curly hair! Beautiful!

  3. Maybe I should try it! I grew up with baby fine straight hair! Now fours kiddos later it curls!! I guess babies didn't make your hair straight?

  4. I love your long, curly hair! I think it's beautiful!