Saturday, June 4, 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice...

I'm a list maker. I've always made lists. When I was a little girl my mother said I spent more time doing paperwork than actual work. My sister and I played "secretary" on a regular basis.

When I was a young wife, I would make a list and just the act of writing down the words was enough for me to remember what I needed at the store, the chores I needed to do at home, etc...Hospitality Lane had a big list .

I find that as I age, if I don't make a list and take it with me....I forget what I needed to buy. I even forget what store I wanted to go to....and how many kids I've taken with me. (oh yes...they are old enough to stay at home and don't always come along any more...and they sit quietly in the back of the van...listening to an MP3 player and I forget they are in the car with me...)

But lately I make a list...go to the store and open my list; look in my list; go back out to the list. I spend more time looking for my list than I do making it. When I find my list...I can't read it because I can't find my $3 pair of drug store glasses. I search my purse, my head...oh there they are on top of my head. Huh...

Gas is too expensive to keep running back and forth to the store....I need to pin the list to my shirt just like my mom would have done when I was in second grade and wear my glasses around my neck on a chain like the little old library lady.


  1. Oh are getting as bad as me. That is not good!

    Well, at least you can still remember what you need long enough to make the list!

  2. Don't do the chain thing yet!!

    I have a note app on my ITouch that I put my list on before going out and it is big enough to read without my glasses!

    Maybe the old school writing paper with the dashes in the middle might be big enough to find and read!

    Hang in there we are all getting that way! Except my Robert...ugh!

  3. Hee hee,,,

    I should make lists but I don't...I am still pretty good, but I do find I forget to get somethings....