Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All the kings men couldn't put Humpty together again BUT my husband CAN!!

The last week in May the weather was extremely hot and humid here and when do you think the air conditioning in the van decided to break....that week. The only two windows that really open in our mini-van are the front ones.  My husband is an auto mechanic and quickly found what was wrong.  The parts were less than $200 but the labor would be intensive.  It took my husband part of Friday and ALL day Saturday to fix it.  Some of the work he had to do at the shop but most of it he did at our house in the driveway.  Why did he do it in the driveway?  Because he hates being away from our family.  It was 9:00pm when we finally ate supper Saturday night.  He brought a pizza on his way home. 

I am amazed at the way my husband can take things apart and put things together again.  The Lord has given him many talents.  We are blessed.  He's not only good with cars but with other mechanical things, too, like appliances and our furnace/boiler. He sits down and reads and understands electrical diagrams like I read a cake recipe. 

Here are some snapshots of the driveway air conditioner fix-it job.

This is the van's steering wheel in the back of the pickup.

You must take the dash off to replace the broken part.  These are just some of the parts.
He laid them in the middle seat of the van.

Here the dash is completely off.  Do you recognize the front seats?

He ran out of room so some of the parts he laid on the grill.  It looks like a robot from Star Wars.

He put some parts in the back seat.

Even the windshield wiper assembly had to come off.

And the side mirror because of the wiring harness.

That's where the steering wheel goes.  Which wire goes where?

He has now started to put things back together.  He's lost it and is pretending to drive.  Poor guy...

The job is done! We have cool air and just in time. The heat is supposed to be back on for the rest of the week.  Thank you, Honey!!  


  1. Whew! That makes me so nervous. Just seeing all of those parts spread out all over the place. WOw! So glad that you will have a/c this week. It is going to be brutal again.

    No one got sea sick, thankfully. Especially since there were very rough seas when they left Jamaica.

  2. It is amazing how complicated it all is!

    I am amazes too at how our men can do these things...like you said as easy to them as following a sewing pattern or recipe for us!

    Yeah Carl! Can you imagine what labor costs would have been if you had to take it to a shop?!!!

    What a blessing!

  3. Wow! What a challenging job! How wonderful for his talent which enables you to save a great deal of money. So glad he knew how to put everything back together. He had so much to take apart, it appears to me that he could disassemble and re-assemble a complete vehicle.