Thursday, May 19, 2011

My house needs a facelift...

Summer is right around the corner which means I'll have more free time.  I'd like to do something with my house.  We haven't painted for years so almost every room could use some paint.  I'm just tired of the crayon marks and the marks where the furniture rubbed off the wall paint.  So new paint colors to think about and experiment with...sound fun?!?
With new paint colors on the walls (most of my walls are white) I would need updated curtains.  Years ago, I sewed a fish tale swag curtain for my living room window.   I haven't had time to sew in a long time.  I happened to stop at a Walmart north of my home and found that they still have a sewing department (great fabric prices). Why they took the sewing department out of the "dutch area" Walmart is beyond me....we have loads of Amish that sew constantly.  So new curtains and wall paint.
When the boys were little I sewed quilts for their beds.  They both liked Nascar and I couldn't afford the Nascar bedspreads in the department stores.  So I bought their Nascar pillow cases and appliqued the car onto the quilt with a checker board background pattern. 
I made a border for the quilt in a wide stripe in different bold "boy" colors. The boys have grown and although the Nascar theme could continue.  I'm thinking maybe its time for a change....Any ideas?!?


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm guessing you'll do just fine without my advice.

    I do hope you'll not get rid of those quilts though. Those are keepers...even if something else goes on the beds.

  2. Maybe solids for boys and then add in the boy's interests! Same with you! We have yellow walls in living room and softer green in dining on the bottom half! Then we accessorized with Hawaiian theme! Simple and no clutter!

  3. Hi Bee. I thought you had quit blogging. So glad to see you're still here. No, I can't say that I saw any new great science curriculum at CHAP, but as I don't teach my boys science, I can't say that I was looking for any. My boys take their science classes at co-op. I'm just not fond of teaching science.

    Sorry to hear that you all were ill. I hope you are all feeling much better now.

    I still have to make curtains for my house, which was redone last October!

  4. Fun stuff, girl!

    Call me if you want help! I am a willing helper! :)