Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation Day Glimpses

Homeschool Graduation Day: 

Four of my children have participated in this county-wide graduation throughout the years.  The first in 1999 when there were roughly 25 graduates.  Over the years, the graduation has grown, this year - 90 graduates.

The Christ-centered ceremony is wonderful.  I have heard from so many people how these graduation ceremonies were exactly the motivation they needed to continue homeschooling through high school.  An out-of-state friend, that graduated from a Christian school, shared how much more Christ-centered this homeschool graduation was compared to her Christian school's graduation. The gospel is shared and the biographies are inspiring. 

The definition of inspiring is to encourage or stimulate.  A synonym for inspire is actuate, meaning to start a function or action, motivate.  That is my hope and desire, to encourage parents to continue to homeschool and not give up when the road gets difficult or seems overwhelming. 

The graduation appears in the local newspaper.  How important it is to remind the community and our local leaders that homeschooling is still around and producing vibrant educated adults.  I can't imagine homeschooling and not participating in this graduation.

Morning Practice:

The Ceremony:

After the ceremony celebrating with swing dance friends, co-op friends, and her sister - all homeschooled!

Congratulations, Em!!  We love you!!


  1. Congratulations Emily! On to Longwood!!

    I so appreciated the message by Sam Rohrer last evening. It is an encouraging evening. Even more so I think when you don't have a graduate. You can really soak it up and apply the messages and observed relationships to your homeschool walk.

    It is always impressive to me to hear the plans these young people have. Many are missions minded but you also have lawyers, doctors, homemakers, technicians, entrepreneurs and so much more. Each one headed out to be the center of a ripple of influence in the lives of those around them.

  2. You got great photos, too!

    Congratulations to all our girls,and to us Momma's who made it through again by God's grace!

    Love you

  3. Congratulations Emily, and to you Belinda. Nice photos.