Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homeschool WWII History

My two youngest children (boys) are studying WWII.  I try to have them study the same subject just at different levels: elementary and jr high levels. 
We have read the boring dry WWII text book facts and dates. 
We have watched several WWII movies.  Boys...how different God made them when compared to my girls, even to myself.  They could watch WWII news reels and documentaries with actual footage seemingly forever.  I had my fill after about 15 minutes. 
We've watched some age-appropriate historical fiction which helps them to understand the times if that's possible.
We've also watched and read some biographies.  They've written some reports. 
Right now I have my 8th grader reading The Hiding Place along with a language arts study guide. 
I am reading aloud to my 5th grader, an age-appropriate biography of Corrie ten Boom.  He asks many questions of things he doesn't understand.  I don't always understand the "whys" and "hows" but I do my best to explain.  We are half-way through the book and at some point in every chapter you will find me crying while I read.  At those points, my son reaches over and touches my hand or my arm, trying to comfort me. 
We are being reminded every day of how grateful we should be to God for family and friends....for our freedom....for food and medical care....for the assurance of eternal life.

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  1. I love that you receive comfort when you cry as you read....my kids all say, "Oh no! There she goes again!".

    You are going to make me miss teaching my guys....