Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs Never To Old

We always paint Easter eggs. I think I will still paint Easter eggs even when all the kids move out. It is a tradition. Ever since I was a kid we have used Doc Hinkles paint-on Easter egg dye.  Yes, I said paint-on, not dipping egg dye.  You can make colorful patterns and designs.  It lets your creative side come out.

It was invented by a pharmacist who owned a small drugstore/restaurant in Lancaster County near the Susquehanna river. My parents still like to eat there.

Another small family company bought the Easter egg dye and still makes it today but it is getting harder and harder to find. You can buy it on the internet. They also have a funny PA Dutch history of Doc Hinkles egg dye on that site, too. 



  1. It would be fun to guess who did each of the eggs. You are right...they are sweet. Colorful and fun.

    I want to go eat at that place sometime....lets do it!

  2. I had never seen those until you showed me the other night! I love to do eggs too. Probably always will....

  3. Belinda, Kaitlin (20) and Robert dyed eggs!! Robert has always dyed the eggs with the kiddos!!