Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday..not exactly the way we planned

Saturday, I was busy cleaning, baking the kids’ favorites, and ironing “Easter” clothes. So when Sunday morning came I was ready to tackle the cooking and family festivities.

All the kids were going to be home. Lewis and his wife and son, Becca and her boyfriend, Liza’s boyfriend (Liza attended her boyfriend’s family sunrise get-together and then church with them) were all coming over for Easter dinner.

But God had another plan….Early Sunday morning my youngest called his Poppy (my 84-year old father to tease him about the Easter Bunny – they have this thing). My mother answered and seemed a little confused. She told Jared they were having a little emergency and hung up. I called right back. They had an inlet hose for the washing machine burst and hadn’t found it until that morning. Their entire lower floor in their bi-level was flooded – the den, the bathroom, the garage.

My sister who lives two houses from my mom had already left for church and they were all alone except for a neighbor. We dropped everything, changed out of Easter clothes and headed to their house.

We spent the morning wet vacuuming their carpet, moving wet boxes of things they can’t seem to throw away(if they ever move we are going to have to rent a dumpster) and wiping down walls. Then we rushed home to shower and start cooking our dinner so it would be ready when the older kids arrived.

We were all a little sad that we missed church. Driving home we turned on the radio, and the voice we heard was familiar. It was Pastor Curt from Victory Church. We knew Pastor Curt when he was the youth pastor at New Life. The 25 minute drive home wasn’t exactly like the Easter church service we imagined but it was good, …..funny how the Lord provides.

At 2:30…I took a little Easter nap surrounded by my children and my children’s children as they played games, watched tv, shot hoops, and traded and filled up on an enormous amount of candy, chocolate cake, and strawberry shortcake. We are extremely Blessed.


  1. You were a blessing to your parents too. What a horrible way to begin the day but I am glad you spent it together.

    Your family is growing......that is a sweet thing.

  2. You spent Easter serving your family...what better Easter could you have! Is there any permanent damage to your parents house? Ruined carpet or anything?

  3. Yes, the den carpet is damaged and carpet in a storage area. This is the only photo that it really shows up. The carpet at the other end of the room was all dark from the water. You couldn't see the difference. In the laundry/bathroom the water was spraying upward. So everything was soaked...that room isn't completely finished, there's no ceiling so even the insulation was wet.

  4. That is probably the best Easter you could have!! Really!!