Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Filling in the Holes

I sat down with the boys this morning to do a Bible study. 

Some moms worry about teaching the Bible and search for the perfect curriculum.  I have a few Bible curriculums that my children use on their own because I'm sure I'm going to miss something.  But my favorite way to teach the Bible is by discussing verses that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart.  Verses that have helped me thru a problem, etc...

Sometimes we use the "child directed" (God directed) method of Bible study which is what happened this morning.
I opened the Bible and was going to discuss one of my favorite passages, Luke 7: 36 - 50. 

As I was turning to the passage, Jared starts to recite some lines from a Tim Hawkins skit about painting a child's room in a Noah's Ark theme.  And when he gets to the lines about "your brother's room is painted with the stoning of Stephen", Jared said, "The stoning of John."

I stopped him and said, "Jared, you got that wrong.  Who was stoned?"  And our quick thinking son says, "David? No, no...Isaac? No, that's not right....um...."

I realized we had a huge gaping hole in our Bible study....so instead of the passages I wanted to study, we decided to study the stoning of Abraham.

Just kidding...trying to keep you on your toes.  :)

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  1. Love this! I do this too...mostly Tim reads to them several times a week going through the O.T. but is taking a break for Christmas to read through the different accounts from the Gospels of Jesus' lineage and birth.

    Love and miss you!

    ps - tell Jared we love Tim Hawkins too!